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It's Unavoidable, the Price We Pay for Paradise

Updated: May 4, 2019

We have under a month left before hurricane season begins, and people are beginning to realize it. South Florida residents are well aware that we dodged a bullet last year with hurricane Irma, but there are murmurs in the air, a low growling rumble, eerily shaking the ground. People are asking themselves if the same will be said this year? Having lived in Miami for over 25 years, I have seen the development of many passive and active hurricane protection methods. In this article we will go over the best and worst methods of hurricane protection, hopefully equipping you the most important defense this hurricane season, "Peace of Mind".

Hurricane impact windows and hurricane impact doors. hurricane preparations
Prepare yourself with the most important tool, Peace of Mind!

Be Prepared for the Worst and Hope for the Best

Over the past 30 plus years Florida residents have had to be creative in their hurricane protection methods, some more creative than others. Lets begin with the scientist tested and engineer approved method "tape". No one truly knows the trailblazing inventor of hurricane impact tape, but some early Miami folk have sworn by its protective nature. When the tape is applied in cross patters not only does it provide the structural rigidity of titanium but it takes on the form of a warding sign to even the strongest of hurricanes that says "nope, not here". Jokes aside, the devastation Hurricane Andrew had on parts of Florida in August of 1992 gave the world an insight into how serious and destructive unpreparedness can be. Florida residents were not at fault in 1992, but its hard to say the same with the current development of hurricane protection technologies. If you are not prepared for this hurricane season, give us a call, we can work with you to get ready for this hurricane season. HIWA is equipped with multiple impact window and impact door solutions for every size of project.

Passive vs. Active Hurricane Protection

Lets talk about different types of protection, Hurricane protection... The most common and sometimes affordable is shutters. There are many different types of shutters ranging from galvanized panels you need to spend days to put up manually, to accordion shutters that may take only a few minutes each after some WD40. Some older Caribbean homes are even equipped with remote controlled roll down shutters for hurricane protection. The largest problem with most of these methods is that they are what preparedness minded people call active protection. All of these methods require an action! "Active" hurricane protection means that the hurricane is 3 days away and you are stuck Carrying each 20 lb. panel from the garage to the window. As you drill the shutter panel into the already unsightly screw holes that plague your home year round, the screw does not fit! You spend the next 20 minutes cleaning out that one screw hole that was home to all sorts of nasty, now plastered all over your sweaty face when you begin to do some math. You now calculate that there are about another 127 holes that will require the same elbow grease. So you call a handyman and spend over $1,000 to make your home a cave for the next few days.

"Passive" hurricane protection means the same for landlords as it does for homeowners and renters, "peace of mind"! There are a few passive hurricane protection technologies available such as hurricane screens, hurricane fabric, and surface applied plastic laminates but every true seeker of value will tell you that impact windows and impact doors are superior by a landslide. We've prepared a list of key benefits on our homepage about hurricane impact windows and hurricane impact door. If your into details like us you can also continue reading about impact windows and impact doors here.

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