Hurricane Impact Window Authority can customize your home entrance with the largest selection of designer grade hurricane impact doors. Available in fiberglass and aluminum, we carry an infinite selection of colors, stains and textures. Our Impact window and Impact door professionals know our products in detail and can work with each customer to design their perfect entrance door. 

the 6 key benefits to hurricane impact windows and DOORS

energy SAVINGS

PROBLEM: It is estimated that up to a third of your home's heat or air conditioning loss will be through the windows and doors.

our SOLUTION: Hurricane Impact Window Authority provides multiple products with energy efficient benefits that will reduce that loss by up to an estimated 30%



PROBLEM: Hurricane affected areas such as South Florida have a unique requirement regarding homeowner’s insurance policies. Most premiums are largely influenced by the entry and exit points of a home AKA the windows and doors. Homeowners can expect to pay sometimes up to double their usual premium without passive hurricane protection.

our SOLUTION: Depending on the size, location and insurance provider, HIWA customers have seen a savings of up to 45% on annual insurance premiums when installing Hurricane Impact windows and doors in all the entry and exit points of their home.



PROBLEM: regular windows are easily broken into. Even with an alarm system, burglars can quickly steal valuables before authorities even arrive.

our SOLUTION: Besides being a general burglar deterrent, Hurricane Impact windows are secure and require extreme force to gain entry.

Improved air quality

passive hurricane protection

increased property value

PROBLEM: Old windows and door let conditioned air out and allow allergens in. they are typically composed of a thin single pane of glass that heats up quickly, radiating heat to your indoor air costing on average a 30% energy loss. Single pane windows also have no harmful UV protection causing things in direct sunlight to fade and discolor such as furniture, paintings, rugs, and flooring.

our SOLUTION: Our impact window and impact door frames have multiple layers of weather barriers keeping water and general air quality pollutants out. These weather barriers also keep your cool air inside. Impact glass comes in various thicknesses, colors and densities, but all are Laminated. The plastic interlayer provides a small radiant barrier between the exterior and interior glass and blocks 90% of harmful UV rays.



PROBLEM: Hurricane shutters only protect a home when they are installed. Many property owners rent and are forced to pay a third party to install their shutters. Homeowners who do not rent leave town and may not make it back in time to prepare their property for a storm. Homeowners who have shutters spend valuable time and energy that should be used on other basic preparations for a hurricane.

our SOLUTION: HIWA offers Impact windows and Impact doors that defend a home, year-round, from even a Category 5 hurricane. We leave our customers property ready for even the worst of storms with our passive hurricane protection solutions.





PROBLEM: Old windows and doors have chipped paint, faded tints, and hazy glass that has developed tiny mineral deposits that just wont wash away. This affects the curb appeal of a home causing a decrease in home value.

our SOLUTION: Modern Impact windows and doors undergo new painting procedures like a car factory. The extrusions are painted in a controlled paint booth. Some higher end impact window and door finishes are even baked in an oven to ensure longer lasting finish. New Impact windows and doors installed by a certified HIWA professional team will drastically increase a property’s curb appeal and have a positive impact in property value. our entrance impact door solutions alone can increase your properties perceived value by up to 4.5%

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